No-Buy Fridays

The Campaign calls for Weekly No-Buy Fridays to augment our spiritual action with non-violent direct action. No-Buy Fridays offer an opportunity to apply economic pressure on the companies and institutions that either directly or indirectly participate in and/or support the genocide of black, brown men and boys.

A DRAFT list of no-buy products*:

Angel Soft Toilet Paper
Brawny Paper Towels
Dixie Plates, Bowls, Napkins & Cups
Mardi Gras Napkins, Paper Towels
Quilted Northern Toilet Paper
Soft and Gentle Paper
Sparkle Napkins, Paper Towels
Vanity Fair Napkins

*These products, for example, are produced by one of the main supporters of Stand-Your Ground legislation.

Count me in! (sign-on letter)


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