Count Me In! (sign-on)

A quick look at a few important statistics points to the dire need for a renewed civil rights campaign under-girded by spiritual action.

Regional clusters are asked to focus as indicated in this prayer schedule.

Houses of Worship and other interested organizations are asked to join Hannah Mothers in prayer, fasting, discussion groups, prayer services, vigils and appropriate litanies, special readings, and/or sermon and worship opportunities.

Other paths to participation include helping Hannah Mothers organize and participating in No-Buy Fridays.

Let us know you’re with us in the campaign to save our men and boys.

I am ready to join the spiritual campaign to save our men and boys. Count me in!

Dear Hannah Mothers Campaign:

I join the many women and men who are coming together all across the nation to stand in the gap for our sons, fathers, brothers, grandfathers, husbands, lovers, partners, uncles, grandsons and best friends to ensure their well-being.

I recognize, based on statistics like those referenced by the Hannah Mothers Campaign, the need to end the national genocide of black men and boys in our communities throughout the country. The loss of lives, literally and figuratively, at the hands of racism has to stop. I join the renewed call for racial, civil, and human rights.

I join with other Hannah Mothers and Friends across the country, using my spiritual energies

  • To transform the day to day realities of black, brown men and boys to one that promotes, protects and empowers black, brown men and boys in all aspects of our society.
  • To build a spiritual wall of grace around the lives of black, brown men and boys to ensure their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being
  • To assist them in creating from a space of collective good, manifesting the very highest and best of their potential in their families, communities and society
  • To promote the well-being of white, Asian, and First Nations men and boys, too.

I am confident our united spiritual voices, No-Buy Fridays, unwavering faith and commitment to a just society will place the renewed civil and human rights movement on the right side of world history.


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