Scriptural Background

Hannah Mothers Campaign takes its name and mission from the ancient biblical story of Hannah, Elknanah and Samuel found in the First Book of Samuel Chapter 1 verses 1-28 (Hebrew Bible, AKA “Old Testament”). The childless Hannah prayed for a son, promising God she would dedicate him to a life of service. When the child was born and weaned, as promised, Hannah gave him up to the care of others.

In today’s society, mothers of black and brown boys are forced into a leap of faith similar to Hannah’s as their growing sons must be trusted to a world beyond their own powers of protection. Hannah Mothers promotes a collaboration of Spirit and Action to ensure the overall well-being of black, brown men and boys in the U.S. and around the world.

Hannah’s prayer for a child was so heartfelt that it became the model for all Jewish prayer — for women and for men. Her story shows the power of a prayerful life, as she touched the heart of God and was allowed her to birth Samuel, one of the greatest prophets and leaders in ancient Israel.

Notes from Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Interfaith perspectives.

Participants of all faiths, religious traditions and practices (or lack thereof) are encouraged to join Hannah Mothers Campaign. For those who do not regularly engage in intercessory prayer, please adapt the materials here as suited to your practice. No-Buy Fridays — and related efforts as those are suggested and developed — may speak to those who wish to support the campaign from a more secular approach.


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