Muslim Perspectives

This page under construction as The Hannah Mothers Team seeks guidance from Muslim brothers and sisters.

Humankind, be aware of your duties to your Lord, who created you of a single soul, and from it created its mate, and from the pair of them scattered many men and women; and be aware of your duties to God [through whose relationship] you demand of one another, and the wombs [that relate you]; surely God watches over you.
— Qur’an 4:1-2


Hannah Mothers Campaign takes its name and mission from The First Book of Samuel 1:1-28 in the Hebrew Bible (“Old Testament”), a sacred text in Christianity and in Judaism. Hannah shows the power of a prayerful life as she touched the heart of God to grant her the one thing she wanted more than anything…a child. God answered her prayer and allowed her to birth Samuel, one of the greatest prophets and leaders in ancient Israel. Her heartfelt manner in addressing God became the model for all Jewish prayer.

The Hannah Mothers Campaign was launched from within Christian and Jewish perspectives with an aim to make the campaign as inclusive as possible. The Hannah Mothers Team invites you to share your perspectives, appropriate scriptures, meditations, etc. Please share ideas with or and/or by adding comments on this blog.

Our goal is spiritual unity to accomplish the following spiritual goals:

  • To transform the day to day realities of Black, Brown men and boys to one that promotes, protects and empowers Black, Brown men and boys in all aspects of our society.
  • To build a spiritual wall of grace around the lives of Black, Brown men and boys to ensure their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, so that they thrive and create from a space of collective-good-manifesting the very highest and best of their potential.

Our Spiritual Tools

  • Prayer and/or Text Study
  • Fasting
  • Affirmations
  • Meditation
  • Prayer Vigils

Hannah Mothers Campaign was launched in response to the teachings of our many separate faiths calling us to love our neighbors and work for their well-being.


Participants of all faiths, religious traditions and practices (or lack thereof) are encouraged to join Hannah Mothers Campaign. For those who do not regularly engage in intercessory prayer, please adapt the materials here as suited to your practice. No-Buy Fridays — and related efforts as those are suggested and developed — may speak to those who wish to support the campaign from a more secular approach.


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