We are women and men coming together all across the nation to stand in the gap for our sons, fathers, brothers, grandfathers, husbands, lovers, partners, uncles, grandsons and best friends to ensure their well-being. Hannah Mothers is born out of the recognition that we need to end the national genocide of black men and boys in our communities throughout the country.

All faiths, religious traditions and practices are welcome to participate and support our Hannah Mothers Campaign.

Scriptural Background
Notes from Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Interfaith perspectives.

Sparks of the Campaign

Sparked in part, by the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin Murder Trail but also in appreciation for the many African American men and boys who have lost their lives, literally and figuratively at the hands of racism, we recognize the call for a renewed civil and human rights reform movement in America. We call it Civil Rights 2.0.

As members of the Hannah Mothers Campaign, we stand at the forefront of this call for reform. Hannah Mothers Campaign promotes a collaboration of Spirit and Action to ensure the overall well-being of black, brown men and boys in America and around the world.

We pair Spirit and Action together to ensure we include intentional, fervent and prayerful inner connections to the Creator—with our physical hands, hearts and feet in non-violent civil disobedience, No-Buy Fridays, advocacy efforts and activists interventions. Hannah Mothers Campaign, while principally focuses on prayer, meditation and fasting as our tools of spiritual action, we do believe and support direct actions and non-violent interventions.

Hannah Mothers Campaign is open to all: regardless of religious faith traditions, political affiliations, economic or social status, ethnicity or gender orientation.

Hannah Mothers Campaign is interfaith, inter-generational and builds on the rich legacy and powerful history of Christians, Muslims and Jews, blacks and whites, rich and poor working together on behalf of blacks, women and the poor in past days of the civil rights movement.

Today, we call for a similar and expanded coalition of faith traditions, religious leaders, house of worships, congregations, community organizers and leaders, secular women and men all across the spectrum of racial, ethnic and class lines to come together again and join the call for civil and human rights reform. This time we are smarter, wiser and more compassionate partners in the battle for a just and equitable society: a society that consciously includes black, brown men and boys with the same rights and privileges as full citizens of the United States of America.

Participants of all faiths, religious traditions and practices (or lack thereof) are encouraged to join Hannah Mothers Campaign. For those who do not regularly engage in intercessory prayer, please adapt the materials here as suited to your practice. No-Buy Fridays — and related efforts as those are suggested and developed — may speak to those who wish to support the campaign from a more secular approach.

Organizing Strategy/Prayer Schedule

Count Me In! (Sign-on Letter)

Add a name to our Circle of Life

 Hannah Mothers Website


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