Prayers with Voices of Grief and Struggle

Two prayers for and with mothers who have lost sons to police violence: The first, from Rev. Dr. Carolyn Boyd, was offered at the “Voices of Grief and Struggle” panel on December 9. Excerpts appear below, and the full prayer appears in the video. The second, from Virginia Spatz, was inspired by participation in the 4-1/2-hour “die in” at the Dept. of Justice on December 8 and written for the mothers’ delegation.

Vigil December 10, 5 p.m. USDOJ. Details. We Act Radio is broadcasting the full “Voices of Grief and Struggle” panel on Dec. 10 and 11 at 10 p.m. EST, and it will be archived for convenience.

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Harnessing Spiritual Power to Save Our Men, Boys

We are women and men coming together all across the nation to stand in the gap for our sons, fathers, brothers, grandfathers, husbands, lovers, partners, uncles, grandsons and best friends to ensure their well-being. Hannah Mothers is born out of the recognition that we need to end the national genocide of black men and boys in our communities throughout the country.

Sparked in part, by the acquittal of George Zimmerman but also in appreciation for the many African American men and boys who have lost their lives, literally and figuratively at the hands of racism, there is a renewed national call for racial civil and human rights reform in America.

As members of the Hannah Mothers Campaign we want to be at the forefront of this call for reform. Hannah Mothers Campaign promotes a collaboration of Spirit and Action to ensure the overall well-being of Black and Brown men in America and around the world.

This is a call to action for all who seek a whole society.